Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where do the logs come from?

We source the logs near Lincoln off nearby farms. Sometime they come from further a field, usually south of Christchurch.

2) How long will Macrocarpa last?

Research has shown a 50×50 macrocarpa stakes deteriorated after 15 years in the ground. We have a display garden bed on-site which was made 6 years ago. The macrocarpa timber is still solid with no signs of detoriation. I would expect it to last another 5 years, maybe longer! A cilent from 10 years ago mentioned her garden bed still growing strong! Macrocarpa has for many years been used in ground for pergolas, fence posts, garden beds… and has proven to last.

3) Will Macrocarpa fade?

Yes… it will fade to a silver/grey if left unstained, painted or oiled. Many people love this natural weathered look!

4) Will my Macrocarpa crack?

All timber cracks and splits, this is normal and a natural part of timber weathering. As moisture is held and released, Macrocarpa can gain cracks. Houses made of timber crack and it has no impact on the structural strength of the timber.

5) What is the difference between a number 1 and number 2 sleeper

A number two sleeper has one good edge and one bark edge. It can have cracks in it. We don’t stock alot of number 2 grade, it’s just what we have at the time. Number one sleeper has two good edges, solid pieces of timber with no cracks or rot. We cut this to order and have stock of them.

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