Wood Briquettes

Wood Briquettes

Wood briquettes are:
 a fuel source made out of dried, compacted wood shavings from our Lincoln Factory.
 composed of sawdust, chips and shredded scraps, briquetted wood turns waste into
a fuel source and saves storage and transportation expenses and are incredibly eco-
 no binders or additives.
 are also a carbon neutral fuel source that is substantially more resource and
environmentally friendly than coal.

Benefits of Wood Briquettes:

Wood briquettes are quickly gaining a reputation as a fuel of choice for many people and it’s
easy to see why. The benefits include:
 They’re a cost effective form of fuel for a log burner. For every pound spent on fuel,
wood briquettes produce 50% more heat compared to logs
 They are chimney and flue friendly. The low moisture content reduces the chances
of your chimney or flue becoming clogged compared to higher moisture fuels
 They take up less storage space than traditional logs
 They are easy to light and can provide a long lasting fire
 They are a more environmentally friendly form of fuel than fossil fuels and they are
often made from wood which would otherwise end up in landfill.
 They are odourless and produce very little ash and smoke.
 They are a flexible form of fuel which can be used indoors, outdoors and in
combination with logs.

How do I store Wood Briquettes?

Careful storage of wood briquettes is essential as exposure to any moisture will cause them
to expand and will ruin their burning efficiency. Ideally, they should be stored indoors in as
dry as environment as possible.


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