Macrocarpa Beams/Pergolas/Posts/Pegs

Macrocarpa Beams/Pergolas/Posts/Pegs

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pergolaMacrocarpa Supplies can cut any size beams or posts up to 6 metres long.

We use a construction grade for Macrocarpa beams and pergolas. There are only small tight knots and minor defects.

Our sawmill can cut Macrocarpa beams up to 6 metres in length, depending on log supply. Beams are produced with a smooth circular sawn finish.

We can cut large dimension sizes of Macrocarpa timber, suitable for many end uses, from construction and building to landscaping and support.

Please contact Kent on 021325661 for more information or a quote.

 Common Sizes

Beams/Pergola framing

300mm x 100mm
250mm x 100mm
200mm x 100mm
300mm x 75mm
250mm x 75mm
200mm x 75mm
300mm x 50mm
250mm x 50mm
200mm x 50mm


400mm x 400mm (or bigger)
300mm x 300mm
200mm x 200mm
150mm x 150mm
100mm x 100mm
50mm x 50mm

All timber ex our yard.

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