Macrocarpa Landscape Sleepers

Macrocarpa Landscape Sleepers

macrocarpa sleepers

We can supply Macrocarpa sleepers from 400mm to 6m long.

Macrocarpa Sleepers are ideal for Garden Beds, Planter boxs, Landscape Steps, Retaining Walls and Garden Edging. It will weather to a silvery grey colour or can be stained or painted.

We can cut sleepers square to an exact length for a small extra cost, so you will receive it in kitset form ready for assembly. Otherwise we can leave them 100mm plus longer so you can square off yourself.

200×100 Landscaping grade timber is a lower grade than Dressing grade, having large knots, bark inclusion defects etc. It has rustic appeal and will usually have one good edge and one good face. They come in lengths from 400mm to 6 metres long.

Our 200×100 landscape sleepers also comes in a No. 2 grade, which is a lower and rougher grade. We encourage you to come in to our yard and select your own sleepers, to ensure the timber it is suitable for your specific needs. Our staff can also help you select the most appropriate timber for your end use.


The sizes we commonly supply are:

No.1 Grade 200mm x 100mm at $17.00 +GST per lineal metre.

No. 2 Grade 200mm x 100mm at $13.50 +GST per lineal metre, when available

4.9m + incurs a surcharge of 12% per lineal metre.

The sleepers are suitable for raised gardens, garden edging and retaining walls.

All timber ex our yard.

Please contact Kent on 021325661 for more information or a quote.

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