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Macrocarpa Landscaping

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More timber for landscaping

Come in a see us for all your landscaping timber needs.

Macrocarpa Supplies has in stock a huge range of green-sawn Macrocarpa timber of a grade suitable for landscaping projects.

Raised planter gardens, landscaping steps, retaining walls, feature gates, tree stakes etc are ideal uses for Macrocarpa. We can cut any size up to 6m long.

We can cut the timber to an exact length for a small extra cost, so you will receive it in kitset form, ready for assembly.

Stock Sizes

  • 200×100
  • 200×50
  • 150×50
  • 100×50

Large square blocks

  • 300×300
  • 250×250
  • 200×200
  • 150×150
  • 100×100

Board sizes

  •  200mm x 50mm at $10.50 +GST (0.4m-6m lengths)
  • 150mm x 50mm at $9.00 +GST (0.4m-6m lengths)

Smaller sizes

  • 100mm x 50mm at $5.50 +GST per metre
  • 50mm x 50mm at $4 +GST per metre


  • 50mm x 50mm x 800mm long (one end sharp) $4 +GST each

Phone through with your requirements to Kent 021 325 661 or come and have a look through our stock and select for yourself.

All timber ex our yard.

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