Macrocarpa Landscaping

Macrocarpa Landscaping

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More timber for landscaping

Come in a see us for all your landscaping timber needs.

MS has in stock a huge range of green-sawn Macrocarpa timber of a grade suitable for landscaping projects.

We can cut any size up to 5m long.

We can cut the timber to an exact length for a small extra cost, so you will receive it in kitset form, ready for assembly.

Stock Sizes

  • 200×100 $17.00+GST per m 1-4.8m
  • 200×50 $12.50+GST per m
  • 150×50 $10.00+GST per m
  • 100×50 $6.50+GST per m
  • 4.9m + incurs 12% surcharge

Large square blocks

  • 300×300
  • 250×250
  • 200×200 $64.00+GST per m
  • 150×150 $40.00+GST per m
  • 100×100 $15.00+GST per m
  • 4.9m + incurs 12% surcharge

Board sizes

  •  200mm x 50mm at $12.50 +GST (0.4m-4.8m lengths)
  • 150mm x 50mm at $10.00 +GST (0.4m-4.8m lengths)
  • 4.9m + incurs 12% surcharge

Smaller sizes

  • 100mm x 50mm at $6.50 +GST per metre
  • 50mm x 50mm at $4 +GST per metre
  • 4.9m + incurs 12% surcharge


  • 50mm x 50mm x 800mm or 600mm long (one end sharp) $4 +GST each

Phone through with your requirements to Kent 021 325 661 or come and have a look through our stock and select for yourself.

All timber ex our yard.

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