Book today and pay same prices as this year for your firewood. 

No need to pay until the day of delivery or trailer hire. 

We will start deliveries and trailer hire from Januray 6th 2025. 


We are sick of running out and want to make sure we have enough for all our amazing customers. So we thought lets make sure TODAY!

Send us an email with the below information

Booking in for 2025 winter today. 

How many cubes? 

Delivery? If yes, How many cubes. 3m3 or 6m3

Macrocarpa or Bluegum (we arent getting pine for next year)

What date you would like your delivery. We will remind you the day before :)

On your specified day it will come between the hours of 8am and 5pm. But driver will call when he is leaving the yard. 

EASY as that. We will then send you an invoice to confirm booking. But again, NO NEED to pay until the delivery. 

Email to send this to. 

[email protected]

Out of Stock

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