Macrocarpa/Bluegum 6 Cubic Meters

Macrocarpa/Bluegum 6 Cubic Meters

Macro/Bluegum mix load, Macro for its high heat output and bluegum being long burning, keeping that fire going all night. 

Firewood sizes. 

We use a machine to process our firewood. We do not hand load. This means we provide a variety of sizes, we try our best to keep sizing consistent but there will be not so great sizes, skinny or chunky, long, and short. These can be great for Kindling and chunky bits are great for keeping the fire going for longer. We do screen our wood, but there will always be not-so-great bits. You are not getting less firewood if this happens. This just means the gaps are getting filled between the larger bits we provide. great to chuck on top of gardens as it is all untreated.

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