Kitset Raised Garden Beds

Kitset Raised Garden Beds

Macrocarpa Kitset Raised Garden Beds

200x100 Garden Bed made with macrocarpa timber

200 x 100 Garden Bed. On display at yard.

Macrocarpa Supplies can provide untreated Macrocarpa timber that is ideal for Raised Garden Beds.

These kitsets are available pre-cut in the following sizes:

  • 200 x 100 timber – 2.5 long x 1.3wide
  • 200 x 50 timber – 2.5 long x 1.3 wide

We can also cut to whatever sizes you require.

Pickup is from our yard at 653 Ellesmere Road, Lincoln, Canterbury.


Why buy a Macrocarpa raised garden bed?
  • Garden beds are the perfect way to grow vegetables, flowers or propagate plants.
  • You can grow the biggest, healthiest, fastest growing vegetables yourself, because everything is contained. Just fill your raised garden up with the very best soil, compost, mulch and fertiliser.
Other benefits of Macrocarpa raised gardens….
Kitset Garden Bed made with macrocarpa timber

Kitset Garden Bed.

  •  Macrocarpa is an untreated eco friendly timber.
  •  Macrocarpa is a naturally durable and strong timber.
  •  200×100 Sleepers two high make plants at an accessible back height.
  •  Great looking design and landscaping feature.
  •  Solar heat from sun is absorbed earlier.
  •  Soil remain aerated as no compaction occurs from trampling.

We can also supply pegs for ease of assembly.
We can cut your timber square at each end for a small extra cost.


The sizes we commonly supply are:

No.1 Grade 200mm x 100mm at $17.00 +GST per lineal metre.
Over 5m 200mm x 100mm at $18.50 +GST per lineal metre.
No.1 Grade 200mm x 50mm at $12.50 +GST per lineal metre.

Please contact Kent on 021325661 for more information or a quote.

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